Launching the Site

Well, here I am, lauching myself into cyber-space. Doing it the hard way, because that’s the way I am. I like to learn how to do things from the ground up, so instead of borrowing templates from somewhere else, I’ve been learning how to build my own. Thus, if this place looks a little rough right now, you’ll know why. (Update: in 2016, I moved things onto the WordPress platform.)

Coming soon here, I plan on having a number of interesting things. For instance: Christmas cards for sale. Each year, I design a new card for myself. Over the years, I’ve produced a number of pleasing cards, and people have started asking me if I’ll ever sell them. So finally, I’ve decided to do so. As soon as I get good scans of them uploaded, you can check out the designs. (Update: you can find the designs in the “Christmas designs” album on the Graphics blog.)

As time goes on, I’ll be putting online some of the various papers I’ve written over the years. They’ll be found in the WORKS┬álink. I’m going to start with a column I wrote some years ago, which was about the nature of building fantasy worlds. Check out the WORKS link for a full list of published work (not counting artwork at this time).

I hope in the not-so-distant future to have even more exciting news about what I’m up to.

But thanks for stopping around.

About Sarah Beach

Now residing in Las Vegas, I was born in Michigan and moved to Texas when 16. After getting my Masters degree in English, I moved to Hollywood, because of the high demand for Medievalists (NOT!). As a freelance writer and editor, Nevada offers better conditions for the wallet. I love writing all sorts of things, and occasionally also create some artwork.
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