Losing a Good Friend

There’s nothing like the unexpected news of the death of a friend to shake you (unless it is such news of a member of your family).  Yesterday, my friend Blake Snyder passed away.

For many, he was the best example of a mentor they could ever wish for: attentive, encouraging, wise.  For me, he was something of that, but also a colleague and peer — and generous friend.  Last year, he wrote a blurb for my book, The Scribbler’s Guide to the Land of Myth, and he was encouraging about how I could expand on it, with speaking engagements and other activites.  I had told him of the blog I had started attached to the book, and specifically emailed him about my post about Pixar’s Up.   We were going to have a follow-up conversation about it, but that never happened.   I was also looking forward to talking with him about my latest project.

My best tribute to him can be found on my blog – here.

Last year, he spoke to a screenwriting group, and afterward signed books and chatted with attendees.  I dawdled to speak to him at the end, because I wanted to show him the proof copy of The Scribbler’s Guide, which had arrived days before.  This picture shows him speaking with another screenwriter, with his usual full attention and enjoyment.

Blake Snyder

Blake Snyder


I will miss him.

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