Aftermath of My First Book Signing

Well, the first one forĀ Creating Graphic Novels, that is. I have done a couple forĀ The Scribbler’s Guide to the Land of Myth at writers conferences.

Anyway, the usual Wednesday night a Golden Apple Comics (Wednesday being the day new comics are put out each week) was augmented on July 30, by a bit of celebrating the aftermath of the San Diego Comic Con. Ryan Liebowitz (the redoubtable owner) had organized various creators to do book signings as part of the party. Ryan set me up at a table right by the front entrance, a prime eye-catching spot.



I’d taken the Creature from the Black Lagoon along as a conversation ice-breaker. And since it was a party, it occurred to me that having him with a black tie would be funny. And he did indeed help start a few conversations.

Since the book is a “how to” volume, I didn’t expect to have huge sales. It’s not the first type of book one considers getting at a party. Two people, however, did buy copies. Ryan feels that in the long run it will do well, not just at Golden Apple, but at other comics shops where they support creators and aspiring writers. That was an encouraging thing to hear.

I had a great seat for viewing the evening traffic on Melrose. There was a lot of activity while I was there (6 to 9). It also gave me a chance to play with the camera on my new phone. I was curious as to how well it caught the colors and light of twilight-time.

July sunset on Melrose.

July sunset on Melrose.

I’m satisfied with how it turned out.

At least the ball is rolling on making appearances. I just have to get busy and get more lined up.

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