House-sitting with a Puppy

Merlin in profile.

Puppy Merlin in profile.

I have taken on a house-sitting turn for some friends while they are away.

Yesterday, I drove from the San Fernando Valley to San Clemente. I’m really going to have to do something about the broken air conditioner in my car. It got very hot during the drive, which is debilitating. But, I arrived in one piece, and not even melted down.

My friends were still gathering their things together in preparation of their departure, so I got to relax a little bit. But I was introduced to my charge, and he accepted me.

Merlin chewing on plastic bottle.

Merlin, his plastic chew bottle, and his Lamb Chop.

Merlin is still a puppy, about 4 months old. So he is still learning things.

Another friend who has had dogs suggested that at this age, he’s teething, which would explain his desire to nip and chomp on things. One thing that he likes to chew is a plastic bottle. But he has a number of other toys, including a large stuffed Lamb Chop. I was told that he is a breed called a Mexican Shepherd, so having Lamb Chop makes sense.

He may still be far from having mastered such commands as “sit”, “stay”, “heel”, but he has learned other things. Most especially, where his treats are kept.

Merlin knows where the doggy treats are.

Merlin knows where the puppy treats are.

He is sweet tempered though.  I think we will get along fine during this time.

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