Presenting Dr. Barbara Harrington

Dr. Barbara Harrington

Dr. Barbara Harrington, with friends

On Tuesday evening, I drove out to Azusa Pacific University for a reception to celebrate a new-made Ph.D. My friend Barbara Nicolosi Harrington had been working on her dissertation in creative writing for the last couple of years. She’s been a professor it APU for some time in the Honors Department. The pursuit of the doctorate was to comply with the University’s expectation that professors have Ph.D.s.

I was a bit invested in Barbara’s progress, as I had given her dissertation a proofing edit when she’d finished writing it.



I don’t want to steal her thunder by explaining her thesis, other to note that it involved a writing theory Barbara had about the works of Flannery O’Connor. She had done considerable research on O’Connor, and had incorporated her insights into O’Connor’s work into her thesis about effective storytelling in screenplays.

Because there is a connection between O’Connor and peacocks, the celebration cake was decorated with a peacock feather.

The reception was a pleasant gathering. Barbara gave a brief talk about her pursuit of the doctorate and what her thesis was. I was pleased to be there to help her celebrate this important professional milestone for her.

Congratulations, Dr. Harrington!

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