The Sugar Documentary

During the early part of 2016, I worked on a script for a company documentary in India. A client hired me to create a script for Dwarikesh Sugar in Uttar Pradesh in northern India.

The project interested me beyond “just a job” because when my great-aunt had served as a missionary in India in the first half of the twentieth century, most of her assignments were in Uttar Pradesh. Her service gave me a general interest in India. Learning of the benefits that Dwarikesh Sugar had brought to the region of U.P. intrigued me, and made the project a special one for me.

Dwarikesh Sugar Company

My script was more a guideline for the shape of the final documentary. My co-writer, Dipendra Sharma, had to adapt it to the Hindi language as well as fit the interviews and general footage the film crew shot to the script I had pulled together for them.

Workers in sugar cane field.It was also interesting to learn that the company works to be green and sustainable. By-products of the sugar processing are further directed toward power generation, to the point that the company’s mills sell power back to the state’s energy grid, rather than draw from it.

In any case, it is satisfying to be able to point to this finished project.

Dwarikesh Sugar Cororate Video

from Narative Pictures

Directed by Satyaprakash Upadhyay
Director of Photography: Shanawaz Ali
Editor: Ujjawad Chandra
Music Director: Ankit Shah
Writer: Dipendra Sharma, Sarah Lucy Beach
Executive Producer Sapana Sharma

The video is available on YouTube.

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