Start of a New Chapter

Since the end of December 2017, I’ve been wrangling all the matters of moving from one city to another. Indeed, the move has been from one state to another. It’s been a long time since I’ve had to deal with inter-state moves. The last time I did something that big was when I moved from Texas to California – basically half my lifetime ago. Heh.

The costs of living in Los Angeles precipitated the move. However, now that I am getting settled in Las Vegas, I’m very content with the change.

First off, there was an unexpected whimsy to the street where I’m living right now.

Sculpture on Antelope Way

A sculpture installation on Antelope Way.

The place I’m living may only be for a short time (I’m hoping to eventually get an apartment of my own here in town), but it’s very agreeable.

Most people when you say “Las Vegas” think of the highly-charged energy of the casinos and hotels along the Strip. But that turns out to be a small portion of Las Vegas. I’m living to the west of the Strip and the I-15 freeway. The developments are relatively new. But given the relative youth of the city (compared to Los Angeles), everything is built with plenty of space. The streets are wider, the shopping centers are laid out with considerably more parking space. The population density is less that in LA, so that even when the traffic is “heavy” on the main thorough-fare nearby, it is nothing like the teeth-grinding crawl of Los Angeles.

The result is that I am much less stressed here in Las Vegas. I feel that once I settle into a more regular work pattern, I will find the lower stress environment far more conducive to creative endeavors. So, even though I’m still dealing with aftermath issues from moving, I am very optimistic of how things will go, living here in Las Vegas.

About Sarah Beach

Now residing in Las Vegas, I was born in Michigan and moved to Texas when 16. After getting my Masters degree in English, I moved to Hollywood, because of the high demand for Medievalists (NOT!). As a freelance writer and editor, Nevada offers better conditions for the wallet. I love writing all sorts of things, and occasionally also create some artwork.
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