Editing Services

scribblerworks-consulting-editingWith so many people taking to writing these days, there is a considerable need for freelance editors. Many of these independent writers are not used to the challenges of proofreading and editing their own work. The problem with this is that the author is usually very familiar with the story or discussion (if non-fiction) that they are putting forward. This familiarity leads the author to overlook errors or mis-wording that might occur along the way. The author sees what he or she expects to see, instead of what is actually present. This is why having an editor is so crucial to putting out a quality piece of work.

Editing consists of my giving your work a read-through for necessary corrections for clarity. This can cover everything from basic proofreading, line editing, deep editing with notes, even formatting editing.




If you want to take advantage of my services, fill out THIS FORM and email it to me at consult@scribblerworks.us
(Print the form as a PDF and attach it in an email to the above address)

When emailing me, please let me know the following:

(1) Your name and email address
(2) The nature of the work you want reviewed (novel, feature or comic book script, etc.)
(3) The word count of prose works; the page count of scripts of any sort
(4) A general description of the work
(5) Whether or not you are working on a deadline

Remittance is due upon agreement for submission. The usual practice is half at commencement of the job, half upon delivery of my final notes. Payment methods can be discussed, but PayPal is the preferred means.


For prose works, I prefer to work in Microsoft Word, using the “Track Changes” feature. This will allow me to make/suggest edits and include notes on the manuscript. Then you, as the client, can make the decision to accept my changes or not. But you will at least have an explanation of why I have made the change/suggestion.

For scripts, I in general would rather work with a PDF, and include my comments using “sticky notes” in the PDF.