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Libraries: Treasure Boxes – Part Two

Libraries: Treasure Boxes – Part One Texas Libraries Houston Public Library When my family moved to Houston when I was sixteen, it meant becoming familiar with a new library system. The Houston Public Library has a number of branch libraries, … Continue reading

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Rewriting Shakespeare

In 2011 I wrote some verses in response to a review of Orson Scott Card’s book Hamlet’s Father. Card’s revisionist presentation of the Prince of Denmark isn’t quite the traditional sort of Bowdlerization that takes out “offensive” material. In many ways, Card’s … Continue reading

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Libraries: Treasure Boxes – Part One

Jackson Libraries The Jackson, Michigan Carnegie Library When I was growing up in Jackson, the city’s Library was housed in a handsome blockish building downtown on Michigan Avenue. I’m not sure what age I was when I was first taken there … Continue reading

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The Treasury of Words

A few weeks ago on Facebook, someone commented in passing that they really needed to find a good thesaurus. The commenter was a friend of a friend, and so I don’t recall who it was. The pertinent fact was that … Continue reading

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Walking Toward Christmas Now Published!

I spent some time a few years ago, writing an Advent devotional for myself. I had selected verses to take me from the beginning of the Advent season all the way to Epiphany. When I was growing up, in our … Continue reading

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Check It Out – Throughout the Website

I realized this week that people who check out this news blog on my website, might not be aware of other things happening on other sections of the site – especially if I don’t mention it on the main blog. … Continue reading

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Summer Party for GLAWS

On the 16th of August, GLAWS had its annual summer party, where we just make time to hang out and have fun – and eat food, of course. The feast gathered is arranged by pot luck, so you can never … Continue reading

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Sculpture for a Library

Changes in my personal technology have included the loss of a broadband card for my laptop. Along with that, it means that for working on my laptop (for the time being), I no longer have 24/7 internet access. So, I’ve … Continue reading

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The Creature Greets a Gnome

About a week ago, my hostess Carrie came home with a charming gnome she found while out shopping. The Creature, who has been lazing away while I labor on web content writing, ventured out to meet the gnome. During some … Continue reading

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Michael Wiese Holiday Discounts

 As some of you may know, my book Creating Graphic Novels will be published next year by Michael Wiese Productions. I was very pleased that they became my publisher for it, because I have always been impressed by their catalog … Continue reading

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