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Rewriting Shakespeare

In 2011 I wrote some verses in response to a review of Orson Scott Card’s book Hamlet’s Father. Card’s revisionist presentation of the Prince of Denmark isn’t quite the traditional sort of Bowdlerization that takes out “offensive” material. In many ways, Card’s … Continue reading

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The Mysteries of Pi

I’d actually meant to write this post in order to upload it on March 14. But I got distracted yesterday, and so missed that boat. But I figured I would go ahead and post it anyway. After all, it’s not … Continue reading

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Themes that Run Through My Work

I find it that sometimes and idea or concept that I have touched on in one work reappears in something else, often years later. Over the weekend, I set myself back to working on my devotional study of the First … Continue reading

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How Is This the Gospel?

Usually, I would not comment on this, but it gave me pause this time. Thursday, I was working at a library all afternoon and into the evening. When I finally left, a bit before closing time, I came out to … Continue reading

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The Individual and the State

When I was an undergraduate, I took a course entitled “Philosophic Issues,” which was basically an introduction to philosophy in a historical sequence. We started with Plato, reading a couple of the Socratic dialogues. And the professor informed us that … Continue reading

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Unfinished Art and Waiting on Mortality

(Originally published on LiveJournal) It’s a weird season for me right now. I’ve spent the last few months (well, since early April) turning my life upside-down, to get myself out of a rut. It’s been interesting. One of the results has … Continue reading

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