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Other People’s Spaces

After leaving the apartment I had lived in since I moved to Los Angeles, I’ve had a season of “nomad” life. It’s been interesting, as it has given me food for thought about personal space and how we respond to … Continue reading

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Friday At WonderCon 2013

I drove down early in order to get into a good parking spot. As it happened, I did get a good spot near the building, right beside a set of stairs. The unfortunate part was that it was nowhere near … Continue reading

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Getting To Mythcon

Because this has been a very tough year for me all around, I fully expected that I would not be attending Mythcon, in spite of the fact that it was relatively near, in Berkeley. I just couldn’t afford it, not … Continue reading

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Reading of Dragons

(Originally posted on LiveJournal) I like dragons. I collect dragons, but only if they are interesting looking – I’m not particularly fond of overly cutesy ones (although a do have a couple that might fit this category) or that are … Continue reading

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Website Update August 26, 2009

At long last, I’ve managed to do some updating on the ScribblerWorks website!  Whew! First off, there’s the new front page, with a picture of myself gracing it (a photo that doesn’t even alarm me!).  I seem to have screwed … Continue reading

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Adventures at Mythcon 40

After nearly two years of planning, especially the last two months that were filled with tasks, Mythcon 40 finally arrived.  I went over to the campus on the day before, as a number of attendees, including our Guests of Honor, … Continue reading

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Desk Toys

I’ve been in the process of bringing home (or bringing to my storage) many of the things that I’ve had at my work office for all these years.  It’s surprising the things you accumulate.  Among them are objects that I … Continue reading

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