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Adventures at Phoenix Comicon 2017

The last weekend of May this year, I made a trip over to Phoenix, thanks to the generosity of a couple of friends there. They had offered to put me up for the duration of the Phoenix Comicon, and paid … Continue reading

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The Illusion of Another Time or Place Through Words

I’ve been thinking a lot about the impact of words lately. I’ve had a number of editing jobs, covering different types of material: a biblical fantasy, a children’s book, an academic thesis, and a scholarly analytic volume. Each required a … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life of Comic Con International 2015

My plan had been to leave Pacoima early – by 5:30, ideally. That would have meant reaching San Diego before 8, and taking the trolley to the convention center, picking up my badge quickly and being on the spot when … Continue reading

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Added a New Paper: Breaking the Pattern

Well, “new” in relative terms, that is. The paper, “Breaking the Pattern: Alan Garner’s The Owl Service and The Mabinogion” was written for Mythcon 24, held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, July 30-August 2, 1993. It was published in Mythlore 75, Winter 1994, … Continue reading

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Adding a New Section to the Website

I’ve just added a new blog section to the overall ScribblerWorks site, which will be devoted to my fantasy literature, specifically the works that are set in the secondary world of Arveniem.  It can be FOUND HERE. I’ve yet to … Continue reading

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The People of the Lie in the City

THE PEOPLE OF THE LIE IN THE CITY: SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT IN ALL HALLOW’S EVE presented at Mythcon 28, Malibu, California, August 8-11, 1997. All Hallow’s Eve, although the last of Charles Williams’ novels to be published happened to be the first … Continue reading

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Coloring “Tsalosha”

I started coloring the scans of my comic book short story “Tsalosha” a while ago. The intent is to prepare it and a couple of other stories to be printed together in color (probably from the POD company Ka-Blam). I’m … Continue reading

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The ScHoFan Critique Group

For the last 2 years, I’ve taken part in a science fiction/horror/fantasy critique group as part of GLAWS. We’ve met pretty consistantly, once a month, usually at the Venice library on a Saturday afternoon. This month, however, because of various … Continue reading

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Loscon 2010

I’m going to be attending this year’s Loscon – and will be on four of the panels in the writing track (moderating two of them). I’ll also be in the dealers room a lot, at the GLAWS booth, selling and … Continue reading

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About Research – Who Knows What?

(Originally posted on LiveJournal) I started reading a new fantasy this week and within a couple of pages found myself being irritated. Please don’t take what follows as a review of the whole, because it is not. I mean to … Continue reading

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