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The Adventure of the Ice Cream Filled Doughnut

Yesterday, on Facebook, someone posted a link to an article about a dessert confection – ice cream filled doughnuts. When I followed up on the article, I learned that the emporium that provided the delectations was actually located in west … Continue reading

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Visiting Grenada

Back in the January of 1997, I traveled to the island of Grenada with my mother. In the 1960s, after he had officially retired from his post in Trinidad, her father, the Reverend James MacDonald had served the Presbyterian congregation … Continue reading

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Coffee Addicted Creature

I seem to have gotten the Creature addicted to coffee! He thinks that demitasse cup is just the right size for him. He seems to feel he has to have coffee with me, when I make myself some. I’m wondering … Continue reading

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Birthday Markers

Circumstances are such this year that I’m not having any big celebration. But coming through the recent holidays and into the new year, I’ve been reinspired on a number of things, and that makes for a good birthday. Plus, lots … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Dinner with Friends

My friend Jennifer Oliver O’Connell had invited me to join her and her husband for Thanksgiving, along with a couple of their other friends, Amy and Joyce. Jennifer is one of those people who loves to cook, so her holiday … Continue reading

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Adventures in Chocolate

(Originally posted on LiveJournal) Recently an online friend posted about encountering an upscale chocolate bar flavored with chili flavor. At first, I thought this bizarre, but the more I considered it and the history of chocolate, the more reasonable the … Continue reading

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