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Stepping Out on Patreon

The internet has given rise to several different methods for creative people to crowdfund their projects. Kickstarter, for instance, lets a person or team fund a specific project, giving supporters special benefits as the specific financial goals are met. But … Continue reading

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June at ScribblerWorks

Things have been rather slow around here. There is the perpetual job-hunting that is continually frustrating (as in, seeming to go no-where). Scraping by is no fun. I had hopes my niece Karen would be able to visit, but that … Continue reading

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Research Accountability

(Originally posted on LiveJournal) So, after complaining about faulty research for an episode of NCIS a couple of days ago, it occured to me that I needed to check on a couple of details for my novel on Godiva. In … Continue reading

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Bothersome Synchronicity

(Originally posted on LiveJournal) I’ve been planning for a long time to do my own version of the Lady Godiva legend. About five years or so, at least. I’d originally planned to make it a screenplay. But since it’s a … Continue reading

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