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Introduction to “For Love of Sophia”

“For Love of Sophia: The Mythic Tradition of the Wise Woman” The attached PDF file is the text of the paper I presented at Mythcon 34, the annual conference for the Mythopoeic Society, which was held at Nashville, Tennessee (July … Continue reading

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Tolkien Snobbery

(Originally posted on LiveJournal) I was roaming around a social website this last week, one that services writers, and was looking at one writer’s profile. Under the heading “Favorite Books” she began with “Tolkien’s Trilogy” — and then the rest … Continue reading

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Reading of Dragons

(Originally posted on LiveJournal) I like dragons. I collect dragons, but only if they are interesting looking – I’m not particularly fond of overly cutesy ones (although a do have a couple that might fit this category) or that are … Continue reading

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Musing About Mythcon Subjects

(Originally posted on LiveJournal) So Mythcon this year (which I do not have to oversee) will be in Dallas, July 9 through12. The chairs have selected a theme of “War in Heaven” — which is a wonderfully provocative theme. There … Continue reading

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The Heart of Mythcon

(Originally posted on LiveJournal) There is much that I could say, but for right now, I am facing the last few hours of Mythcon 40. It has been a glorious weekend and one that I shall treasure for a long, … Continue reading

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Apocalyptic Writing in Fantasy

(Originally posted on LiveJournal) As I’ve been re-reading what is written of The Ring of Adonel, and working on the rewrites/polishes, I’ve also been thinking about some of the choices I made in the story. Particularly the scope of it. … Continue reading

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Adventures On the Road

(Originally posted on LiveJournal) Actually, I’ve arrived at my destination – Houston. I’ve returned here to work with my siblings at closing up Mom’s affairs and household. Should be an interesting week. I drove from L.A. Because I figured I’d … Continue reading

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