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Adventures at Phoenix Comicon 2017

The last weekend of May this year, I made a trip over to Phoenix, thanks to the generosity of a couple of friends there. They had offered to put me up for the duration of the Phoenix Comicon, and paid … Continue reading

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The Creature Reviews My Weekend

So Saturday, I was out all day, and the Creature wanted an explanation. I told him that in the morning I had my screenwriters group, like I often do. So he accepted that. Then I explained that in the afternoon, … Continue reading

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2011 Trip – Here Comes the Train

So, I finally got everything thrown into the bags for the trip. At the last minute, I decided to skip using the duffle bag, at least for the trip to Mythcon. The idea of wrangling the wheelie, the duffle, the … Continue reading

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Road Trip 2010 – Part 1

(Originally posted on LiveJournal) I managed to get myself onto the road by 7 am on Tuesday morning. Even with a stop at the bank to beg from the ATM for hand-cash. The advantage about traveling eastward at that hour … Continue reading

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Reading of Dragons

(Originally posted on LiveJournal) I like dragons. I collect dragons, but only if they are interesting looking – I’m not particularly fond of overly cutesy ones (although a do have a couple that might fit this category) or that are … Continue reading

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Website Update August 26, 2009

At long last, I’ve managed to do some updating on the ScribblerWorks website!  Whew! First off, there’s the new front page, with a picture of myself gracing it (a photo that doesn’t even alarm me!).  I seem to have screwed … Continue reading

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Adventures at Mythcon 40

After nearly two years of planning, especially the last two months that were filled with tasks, Mythcon 40 finally arrived.  I went over to the campus on the day before, as a number of attendees, including our Guests of Honor, … Continue reading

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The Heart of Mythcon

(Originally posted on LiveJournal) There is much that I could say, but for right now, I am facing the last few hours of Mythcon 40. It has been a glorious weekend and one that I shall treasure for a long, … Continue reading

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“I Love It When a Plan Comes Together!”

(Originally posted on LiveJournal) Mind you, I never watched The A-Team. It never quite hit the right note for me back in the day. But, the line is a useful one. Anyway, I am pausing in my Mythcon preparations to … Continue reading

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Putting Things Together For Mythcon 40

(Originally posted on LiveJournal) I really enjoy getting people I know connected to each other, especially when I think they will get along well. Last night, my friend James A. Owen was doing a book signing at Vroman’s in Pasadena. … Continue reading

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