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Rewriting Shakespeare

In 2011 I wrote some verses in response to a review of Orson Scott Card’s book Hamlet’s Father. Card’s revisionist presentation of the Prince of Denmark isn’t quite the traditional sort of Bowdlerization that takes out “offensive” material. In many ways, Card’s … Continue reading

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Libraries: Treasure Boxes – Part One

Jackson Libraries The Jackson, Michigan Carnegie Library When I was growing up in Jackson, the city’s Library was housed in a handsome blockish building downtown on Michigan Avenue. I’m not sure what age I was when I was first taken there … Continue reading

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Desk Toys

I’ve been in the process of bringing home (or bringing to my storage) many of the things that I’ve had at my work office for all these years.  It’s surprising the things you accumulate.  Among them are objects that I … Continue reading

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Manga Shakespeare

(Originally posted on LiveJournal) Okay, so there was the banner ad on LiveJournal for Cliff’s Notes Manga Shakespeare. And me, loving good ole Shakes, just had to click and see what it was about. Heh. I checked out the 8 … Continue reading

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