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Creating Graphic Novels, Michael Wiese Productions, August 2014
The Scribbler’s Guide to the Land of Myth, BookSurge, September 2008
Walking Toward Christmas: Meditations for Advent to Epiphany, ScribblerWorks, _____November 2016
“A Writerly Choice,” an excerpt from Making Everything Count, a memoir (unpublished), _____Literary Landscapes, Vol. 2, No. 1, 2011 (2012); The Greater Los Angeles Writers _____Society; p. 6-7.


ARVENIEM – a blog for my fantasy materials (and writing in the genre)

“Love and War” An Aym Geronimo Story
_____Part One and Part Two
“The Masque of the Silmarils”, (adapted from the works of J.R.R. Tolkien), Mythlore 45, _____Spring 1986, p. 11-16
“Tsalosha”, art by Gordon Purcell, inks by Terry Pallot, Shooting Star Comics Anthology _____#1, 2002
“The Twilight Zone Ending,” Literary Landscapes, Vol. 3, No. 1, 2013; The Greater Los _____Angeles Writers Society, p. 9-10
“The Winter Stranger”
“Zeus’ Box of Deceit”, art by Erik Burnham, Shooting Star Comics Anthology #4, 2004


Listed here are the “Words & Image” collection. Other pieces of poetry are available on the Fiction blog as well, but are not listed here.

Day Break
The door God shuts
The Forsaken
God’s Gifts
Holy Ground
In the Now
In the Winter Night
Lenten Haiku
A Matter of Faith
Mortal Thread, Eternal Cloth
Night Fog in LA.
Thanksgiving 2011
Winter Night



Dwarikesh Sugar Corporate Video


Television spec scripts:

Burn Notice: “Hostile Negotiations”
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: “Obsession”
Law & Order: “Hubris”
Law & Order: “The Weapon”
The X-Files: “Sasquatch”

Feature spec script:

Emerald Dawn: The Adventures of Green Lantern (incomplete)

Comic book spec scripts:

Batman: “Chipping In”


“All or Nothing: The Tendency for Dualism in Apocalyptic Fantasies,” presented at _____Mythcon 41; Dallas, Texas, July 9-12, 2010.
“Breaking the Pattern: Alan Garner’s The Owl Service and The Mabinogion,” presented at
_____Mythcon 24; Minneapolis, Minnesota; July 30-August 2, 1993; published in _____Mythlore 75, Winter 1994, p. 10-14; reprinted in The Children’s Literature Review, _____vol. 130 (2008)
“Fire and Ice: The Traditional Heroine in The Silmarillion,” Mythlore 67, Autumn 1991, p. _____37-41
“For Love of Sophia: the Mythic Tradition of the Wise Woman”, presented at Mythcon 34;
_____Nashville, Tennessee; July 25-28, 2003
“Frodo and the Failure of the Christ-Figure”, presented at Mythcon 34; Nashville, _____Tennessee; July 25-28, 2003
“Harriet in Rehearsal: Hilary Thorpe in The Nine Tailors,” Mythlore 73, Summer 1993, p. _____37-39, 65
“Loss and Recompense: Responsibilities in Beowulf,” (Masters Thesis at the University of _____Texas at Austin, 1980), published in Mythlore 68, Spring 1992, p. 55-65
“A Myth for Angle-Land”, Mythlore 58, Summer 1989, p. 31-36
“People of the Lie in the City: Spiritual Development in All Hallows’ Eve,” presented at _____Mythcon 28, Malibu, California, August 8-11, 1997
“Robin Hood and Green Arrow: Outlaw Bowmen in the Modern Urban Landscape”, _____presented at the 1st International Conference of Robin Hood Studies; Rochester, _____New York; October 1997; published in Robin Hood in Popular Culture, edited by _____Thomas Hahn, 2000


“Mythopoesis: Process”, Mythlore 36, Summer 1983, p. 48, 50
“Mythopoesis: History”, Mythlore 37, Winter 1984, p. 26, 34
“Mythopoesis: Naming”, Mythlore 38, Spring 1984, p. 49
“Mythopoesis: Characters”, Mythlore 39, Summer 1984, p. 28, 45
“Mythopoesis: Geography”, Mythlore 40, Autumn 1984, p. 28
“Mythopoesis: Style”, Mythlore 41, Winter-Spring 1985, p. 27
“Mythopoesis: Heroes & Heroines”, Mythlore 43, Autumn 1985, p. 8, 23
“Mythopoesis: Myth”, Mythlore 47, Autumn 1986, p. 29, 48


Event Journals

2007 Wizard World LA Convention – March 16-18, 2007

2011 Mythcon – Mythcon 42 in Albuquerque, New Mexico – July 15 through 18 (The _____beginning of the trip is covered in THIS POST on the ScribblerWorks News.)

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